Ambassador Scheme

Open to Adults too!

Are you a keen regular rider at Grove House Stables? Would you like to spend more time developing your horse care, equine knowledge and customer care skills? We have a solution!

Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre runs a voluntary helper programme called the ‘Grove House Stables Ambassador Programme’. This provides volunteers from the age of 13 and over the opportunity to develop equine, health and safety, customer care and personal development skills at our accredited training centre. The ambassadors will assist with horse care, customer care and assist us with the running of our BHS approved centre. The volunteers can use the skills developed at the centre to assist them with future employment, further education or to just simply enjoy a rewarding way to spend their free time!

When do they attend?

Set times are organised in advance to help plan ahead and to ensure everything runs smoothly with the programme and the participants know what is happening. A timetable is devised to fit the Centre’s requirements with the volunteer’s academic, personal and family commitments.

Times currently available:

  • 8.00 – 17.15 Saturday or Sunday
  • 17.00 – 19.00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

What are the requirements to be considered for the programme?

  • You are a regular riding client at Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre.
  • You need to attend a formal interview at Grove House Stables and, if you are offered a place, times and dates will be discussed and agreed for times that are mutually convenient for both us and yourselves.
  • You are keen and enthusiastic and show a good attitude towards both the staff and most importantly, the clients.
  • Adults, by law, must have a CRB check carried out. Unfortunately, we are unable to fund this. You will be expected to pay a fee of £10 for the check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Ambassadors paid?
No payment is made but volunteers will receive regular training opportunities and will develop a wide range of equine, business and customer care skills and knowledge.

Do the volunteers have to commit to a regular slot?
Yes – these slots will be discussed and mutually agreed in your interview. Planning and commitment is a big part of the Ambassador role. However, we do endeavour to fit in with family, school/work and other personal commitments whenever possible. Also, you may be asked to help out with Pony Parties and other events that we need the extra help with.

What is the dress code for the Ambassadors?
We supply a Grove House Stables sweatshirt and t-shirt. But a riding hat, boots, gloves and waterproof coat are essential.

What training is given?
A monthly training session is organised for Ambassadors and there are also plenty of opportunities for on the job training.
Will any award/ qualification be gained from this?Yes – you will be given the opportunity the take part in the Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA).

What is the Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA)?

YELA in and award scheme run by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) designed to recognise the time and effort young volunteers give to equestrianism and shape their experience, so they become equestrian leaders of the future.

YELA runs over three progressive levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze requires 20 hours of volunteering and introduces skills in responsibility, organisation and communication. Silver develops these skills and knowledge further and more hours are required. The Gold Award requires 120 hours of volunteering, encouraging leadership and the planning and delivery of a specific project.

If you are interested in the Ambassador Scheme, or for further information, speak to Andrew. You can either pop in to see him, or, alternatively you contact him on 01427 890802.