New for 2017.

Combined Training Competition will include a Dressage phase and a show jumping phase.

Class 1 – Dressage Test: Intro A, Show Jumping 30cm

Class 2 – Dressage Test: Prelim 13, Show Jumping 50cm

Class 3 – Dressage Test: Prelim 13, Show Jumping 70cm

Your Dressage score is your marks awarded deducted from the total marks available. e.g. 160 out of 210 would give you a score of 50

Any faults awarded in the SJ phases are added to your dressage score to give a final mark. The lowest score wins.

Four faults are awarded for a refusal, knock down of a fence or run out.

Rider fall is elimination from placings. Rider can continue the competition if GHS deem appropriate

The showjumping is single phase, the second half of the course IS timed

If sufficent entries, entries will be split into junior and senior. If sufficent entries Rosettes from  1st – 6th place will be awarded.

£20 on your own horse or £25 on a GHS horse

2017 dates:

  • Monday 28th August 2017

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