Pony Club

January 7, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre has its very own branch of the Pony Club. The Pony Club is Britain’s largest Youth Riding Organisation and is affiliated to the Pony Club organisation world-wide. Anyone who is age 25 and under can join. The Pony Club encourages young people to ride and learn all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding. The Pony Club promotes the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-discipline.


Do I need to own my own pony in order to join?

No, we can provide you with the “horse power”! But you are welcome to bring your own pony if you would like.


What activities are on offer?

The ‘club’ will offer tuition in riding and horse care skills to non-pony owning children. It also offers competitions and “hands-on” horse experience.


Members are split into “ability” groups.


The Pony Club meets during school term time. We have a group on Monday evening, meeting between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. The group receives one hour of riding (with tuition), plus one hour of horse “care” training.  For children between the ages of 4 & 6 we have “Junior Pony Club”, this meets on Mondays between 4.00pm and 5.00pm.


The maximum number in each group is 8.


So, how much will it cost?

First of all you will need to join The National Pony Club Organisation (based at Stoneleigh). The annual subscription is £36.00. You will then receive a letter of welcome and a membership card together with an information pack. An application form is enclosed at the back of this leaflet.


If you wish to receive a Pony Club tie and badge with your joining pack, please add £7.50 to your subscription.


Each evening session will then cost £22.50, if paid half-termly in advance or £24.50 if paid weekly (junior PC is £19.50 in advance or £21.50 weekly). This includes the hire of a pony and tuition.  There will be a small fee for Pony Club tests and competitions.


Once the groups are full, a waiting list is kept for future members.


What else can we do or achieve?

You will be able to take part in the range of tests as well as National / Local Competitions open to you as an official member of The Pony Club.


Also, special events and competitions are held at Grove House Stables during school holiday periods and every Wednesday evening.


How can I find out more?

Speak to Andrew Stennett or a member of the office team.


If you would like to join:

1) Complete the attached Pony Club Membership Form and send it off together with your subscription (cheques made payable to “The Pony Club”), to The Pony Club Headquarters at Stoneleigh. You will  receive a letter of welcome and a membership card together with an information pack.


2) Then complete the lower section of this form and return it together with your half termly fees in advance (payments by cash or card).


3) You will then be asked to complete a “Riding Client Acceptance Form” (if you have not already done so), just so that we have all your details on file together with emergency contact details.


Happy Riding!


Rules and Guidelines for Pony Club Members


Welcome to the Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre’s branch of the Pony Club. We very much hope that you thoroughly enjoy the time you spend with us. In order to ensure the smooth running of our club, I am enclosing a list of guidelines and rules for your use. If you have any queries or concerns relating to these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact me.


When does the Pony Club meet?

  • On each Monday evening between 5.00pm & 7.00pm, during school term time. Junior members meet 4.00pm – 5.00pm On Monday Evenings. Competitions or Special Events are held during school holidays.


What should I bring with me when I attend Pony Club?

  • Your riding kit (safety head-wear can be borrowed from us if required)
  • A4 folder, pen and paper
  • Waterproof coat and gloves


What will I do?

  • One hour of riding tuition
  • One hour of horse care / stable management training


How should we pay for the pony club sessions?

  • Payment for each half term period should be made on the first session of each half term. You will receive a letter at the end of the previous term advising you how many weeks are in the next period and the total amount to pay.
  • Payment can be made either by cash or card.
  • Payments should be made at the office before the first session of the term begins.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment at a later date. If you are experiencing any problems paying for your session either weekly or half-termly in advance, please speak to the proprietor directly.


Can we receive a discount?

  • Yes, providing you pay half-termly in advance – each session will cost £2.00 less.


If I am ill or need to go home during a session, how would you contact my parent/guardian?

  • Each parent/guardian is asked to complete a “client acceptance form” when you start riding with us. This form gives us the name of your doctor and emergency contact telephone numbers.


What if my Mum or Dad are not going to be at  home or available on one of the numbers that you have during a particular session?

  • We would ask that a “temporary” contact number is left in the office – clearly stating the rider name.


What if I move house or change my telephone number?

  • A new client acceptance form should be completed and left in the office. A member of staff will help you.


What if the weather is bad?

  • Only in very extreme circumstances will riding be abandoned. Riding will continue in “normal” wet / windy conditions. However, if it is felt that it would be unsafe to ride, unmounted activities will be arranged and riding will be rescheduled later in the session.


What if I can’t attend a session due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?

  • Advise the office as soon as possible on 01427 890802. Prior notification is essential so that we do not waste time and resources preparing  ponies and allocating lesson space.


Do we still have to pay for the session I missed?

  • In order to guarantee your place in the pony club, payment is required. However, if you miss a session, you will be offered a Class lesson at a mutually convenient time within a fortnight of the absence (i.e. cannot be carried forward into the next half term period). Please note: this offer is only valid where advance notification of absence has been received.


Do you need to know who will be collecting me after the session?

  • We need to know who will be collecting you. If your parent or guardian has asked someone else to collect you on their behalf, please ask them to advise us at the beginning of the session.


Do I need to advise you if I have a medical condition?

  • Details of medical conditions should be given on the client acceptance form. Please remember to notify us of any changes we should be aware of.


Can I wear Jewellery?

  • For safety reasons no jewellery is allowed.


Do I need a body protector?

  • We would recommend that body protectors are worn especially for jumping. For cross-country riding, a body protector is compulsory. Always buy brand new protectors and have them fitted by trained retailers.


What should I do with any money or valuables that I bring with me?

  • Preferably do not bring anything of value with you. You are responsible for your own property. If you wish to bring some money to buy a drink or crisps, £1.00 – £2.00 will be more than enough.


Can I bring my mobile phone?

  • Mobile phones must not be used or carried whilst riding or being in the stable / yard area. This is for safety reasons.


Can I bring my own pony or horse?

  • Please advise us in advance if you are intending to do this.


What exams are available to me as a member of the pony club?

  • There are 3 types of tests/exams: Pony Club proficiency badges, Centre awards and Achievement badges.


If I no longer wish to attend the Pony Club sessions – what do I need to do?

  • 2 weeks’ notice and payment is required


I hope these guidelines are helpful to you. If you feel that I have missed any areas off this list, please let me know so that I can include them for new members.


Many thanks




Andrew Stennett BHSSM