Shoulders like boulders clinic.

January 9, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
The Granary Room
Grove House Stables
Misterton, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
DN10 4EF
Hayley Drakes

Chair Massage is great for relief of stress and anxiety as well as general aches in the back/neck/shoulder/head.

It is perfect for anyone who rides or handles horses, anyone who spends time at a desk or driving or who has general aches in the back and upper body.

Hayley Drakes, Holistic Therapist and Owner of WellBeings runs a Chair Massage Clinic in The Granary Room two afternoons a month offering half hour sessions for £20

For many years Hayley has been here the second Tuesday of the month and has many regular clients making this afternoon fairly full each month.

With this in mind, Hayley has decided to add another date each month – the afternoon of the fourth Friday each month starting in January 2017.

Booking is essential as there are limited spaces and you should contact Hayley by text on 07774 951282 stating when you wish to book, your name and email address.

What Clients say about the chair massage:
“The second Tuesday in every month is my Chair Massage Tuesday and it’s a treat from Heaven! When you think of massage you envisage an expensive spa and having to be undressed under a sheet. That is definitely not for me, but a fully clothed and very effective chair massage is. Half an hour in a special massage chair, fully clothed, under the healing and expert hands of Hayley Drakes blows the expensive spas out of the water. It refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenates me and is the best £20 I spend each month. Tight muscles become putty, stress evaporates and the aches and pains of life dissipate under Hayley’s healing hands. Whether you want total peace during the massage to reflect and let yourself sink deeply into relaxation, or you’re the sort of person who likes gentle conversation, Hayley is perfect! I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Jane Moffett

“I personally felt good, alert and motivated after the therapy, which took away mental tiredness.” P Hankin

“This massage released muscular problems in my neck, shoulders and back no other form of treatment has. A body and mind workout which left me feeling refreshed, deeply nurtured, free and agile in movement and clear headed. Highly recommended to everyone who cares about themselves.” T Murphy