Show Jumping Competitions

Clear Round Jumping Competitions


Class One 4.30pm £5 own horse £8 GHS horse

Clear Round- small cross poles one round. Lead rein allowed. Rosettes to all clear rounds

Class Two not before 5.00pm £5 own horse £8 GHS horse

Clear Round- 40cm upright fences one round. No fillers. Rosettes to all clear rounds

Class Three not before 5.30pm £10 own horse £14 GHS horse

55cm uprights and spreads, no fillers. Single phase. Rosettes 1st-4th

Class Four £10 own horse £14 GHS horse

65cm uprights and spreads, including fillers. Single phase. Rosettes 1st-4th

Class Five £10 own horse £14 GHS horse

75cm uprights, spreads and fillers. Single phase. Rosettes 1st-4th

Class Six not before 7.00pm £10 own horse £14 GHS horse

Top Score. Fences between 55cm-75cm including uprights, fillers and a joker fence. See separate sheet for Top Score rules. Rosettes 1st-4th

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Pre entry only

Top Score Points League 2017

If you are competing in our Top Score classes during 2017 you will be entered into our league finishing in June

There are sashes, prizes and rosettes available to the top three competitors.

Class Six Top Score rules

Each fence will have a points value according to its difficulty. You score the number of points allocated to each jump if you jump clear. No points are scored for a knockdown

Time will start when the competitor crosses the start line in either direction and will end when they cross the finish line in either direction

Time allowed is 45 seconds

The bell is rung once the time is reached. The competitor then has to stop jumping and cross the finish line for the time to be recorded.

The competitor jumps whatever obstacles they choose and can jump the jumps in either direction

If a jump is knocked down it is not rebuilt. If you jump a knocked down obstacle no points are scored

You can jump each jump a maximum of TWO times. Any further jumping of the same obstacle results in no more points being scored

The Joker fence is worth 10 points and can be jumped a maximum of two times. If you have a knock down then 10 points is deducted from your score.

Disobediences (refusals and run outs) are not penalised as they reduce the time available to score points

55cm fences worth 2 points

65cm fences worth 4 points

75cm fences worth 6 points

Joker fence worth 10 points. If knocked down minus 10 points

THE HIGHEST POINT SCORE WINS. If a tie then the time taken is the decider