Grove House Pony Club

Pony Club is Great Fun!

Here at Grove House Stables we are lucky enough to be a an official Pony Club Centre. This means that we can offer a Pony Club Centre Membership to those who aren’t lucky enough to own their own horse/pony just yet, although if you are lucky enough to own your own horse/pony and still wish to be part of our Pony Club, you can do so with a Centre Plus Membership.

Members can be a part of our Pony Club from being aged 4 up until their 25th birthday.

We encourage all members to wear the correct uniform for Pony Club, which can be purchased from our onsite shop GH Country.
For an order form please see us in the office.

Please find us on Facebook by searching Grove House Stables Pony Club!

Terms, Pricing and Lesson Structure

Pony Club meets on a Monday and Wednesday evening after school, 5.30-7.30pm during term time. Every session includes an hour of theory and an hour riding lesson.

Pony Club is priced at £34.00 per session, payable half termly in advance, which includes the achievement badges earned.

The Annual membership to Pony Club is £36 and is payable direct to Pony Club.

Tests and Achievements

In our weekly sessions we are currently training for various badges and progressive tests. We encourage children to complete as many achievement badges as possible, as not only are they great for learning skills, they look ace stitched onto your Pony Club jumpers! 

Why Pony Club?

Not only is Pony Club educational and the progressive tests are recognised riding qualifications, Pony Club is great fun and a fantastic way of making friends.


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